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Standard Pacific

 The pursuit of perfection is endless, we believe in a new breed of bags that bring the world of adventure, travel and street wear together. We are focused on carrying out change by exploring new possibilities and innovations that will help take our customers further. 

If you’re in it for the long haul, committed to adventure and determined to travel, bring us with you. If you go a little farther, try even harder and ask for a bit more, we’re answering your call. 

Standard Pacific has been developing the Field Rucksack for over two years; to say we're excited for it's release would be an understatement. A brand that prides itself in the perfection of technical carry goods design, has teamed up with JBird Co. Industrial Design House in Portland, OR, a company known for manufacturing high quality canvas and leather goods domestically. We produce the most innovative gear on the market. We value the design and technicality of a product that can transport goods with comfort and style, all while keeping valuables protected and organized.